Proposed Hyperledger PSWG Agenda for Tuesday 21-April-2020, 9 AM EDT

mark wagner


To view the official calendar invite please go here:

As a reminder, the call is open to everyone and all are encouraged to attend. You do not need to be a member of Hyperledger to participate.

We will use the Zoom number -

Topics we should cover:

1) Antitrust notice -- Please make sure you are in compliance with the notice before the meeting

2) Welcome  / introductions for new folks on the call

3) A talk from Imre and Attilla.

"Towards comparing DLTs with centralized systems: a port of the TPC-C benchmark to Hyperledger Fabric"

"Business" introduction of DLTs is not always about radical innovation; valid use cases include migrating existing cooperation logic almost "as is" to a DLT platform. However, the question of what performance we can expect to lose (if any) as a price paid for the DLT properties is still not fully answered - nontrivial benchmark workloads for DLTs are largely lacking.

In the preceding months, we have been working on porting an open source implementation of the classic TPC-C benchmark to Hyperledger Fabric. The presentation gives an overview of the current status of this work and some lessons learned in "blockchainifying" TPC-C. Some preliminary numbers are also presented."

Hope to see you there!

Mark Wagner
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Performance and Scalability
Red Hat, Inc

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