Invitation to Media and Entertainment SIG members: presentation on IEEE Blockchain Governance Standards

David Boswell

The Climate Action SIG would like to invite you to attend the Tuesday, 13 Dec CA2SIG General Meeting for a presentation by Savita Farooqui on IEEE Blockchain Governance Framework to the CA2SIG. The talk is relevant for a wide range of use cases so we thought this would be of interest.  The call starts at 8 AM pacific and dial-in information is at

Savita is Chair IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance Standards Working Group, member of TOIP, and Founder of SymSoft Solution. She will be sharing the IEEE Blockchain Governance Framework which has been created to provide a common nomenclature and framework for blockchain governance across different use cases and contexts, including public, private, permissioned, permissionless, and hybrid solutions. The session will introduce the standard and discuss how the extensible framework can be applied for various aspects of CA2SIG projects, including ecosystem, technology solution and system lifecycle.