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Tracy Kuhrt <tkuhrt@...>

I had a couple of people reach out and ask me how they can find out what lists/subgroups they can still subscribe to. provides a list of subgroups that you are currently subscribed to and at the end lists the subgroups to which you have not yet subscribed.

Speak at Hyperledger Global Forum - Submit a Proposal by July 13

Meredith Bennett <mbennett@...>

Hello, Hyperledger community!

Developers, vendors, and enterprise end users working on business blockchain technologies will converge in Basel, Switzerland this December for the inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum. Open to members and non-members alike, attendees will get to talk directly with Hyperledger project maintainers and the Technical Steering Committee, collaborate with other organizations on ideas that will directly impact the future of Hyperledger, and promote their work among the project communities.

Hyperledger Global Forum will feature technical and business tracks covering a range of topics and technologies including Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts 101; Roadmaps for Hyperledger projects; and cross-industry use cases in development. Submit your abstract to share your expertise and learnings with more than 1,200 users and contributors of Hyperledger projects from across the globe. 

Learn more about submitting a proposal, important dates, suggested technical and business topics, and sample submissions. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, July 13, so apply today! 

Not submitting a session, but plan to attend? Register now and save before ticket prices increase on September 30. 

Thank you to our sponsors Accenture (Diamond) and Cisco (Gold). View all sponsors.
Interested in Sponsoring? Showcase your leadership and gain valuable mindshare from this elite audience of technical and business leaders defining the future of business blockchain technologies, and support the growth and innovation of Hyperledger projects by sponsoring Hyperledger Global Forum 2018. Learn how to become a sponsor.

Thank you for your consideration,

Meredith Bennett
Marketing Manager
The Linux Foundation
Cell: (503) 548-7043

Reminder: Join us Hyperledger Global Forum, Basel Switzerland - 5 Days Left before tickets rates go up + discounts

Daniela Barbosa

Apologies for the cross-posting, want to make sure everyone is aware of the deadlines coming up for Hyperledger Global Forum.
As we head into the end of the month, a quick reminder: You have only five days left to save on your ticket to Hyperledger Global Forum happening in Basel Switzerland, Dec 12-15th before rates go up on November 25th.

I am sure you are starting to hear the buzz out there in the community, we are certainly feeling it. For the first time, the global Hyperledger community from 350+ organizations will converge to collaborate and hack together in person. With over 75 sessions and activities for business and technical audiences including 1/2 and full day training and workshops, there will certainly be a plethora of learning and networking opportunities for everyone.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join your peers from around the globe that will include developers, enterprise end-users, and blockchain enthusiasts learning about the latest production deployments and advancing their blockchain skills. 

You can register here, before rates go up on November 25th. 

If your company is a Hyperledger member company, please send me an email (dbarbosa@...) and I can provide you with your member discount code. 

If you are a member of our active community, but currently not a member company we would like to offer you an additional 20% discount, please select corporate non-member as the registrant type and enter code: HGF18COMM

Need more information on why you should attend? Here is a two-page overview of the event and a sample letter to convince your boss, if they still need convincing! 

Can you also please do me a favor and forward this to others at your company and or in your community that you think shouldn’t miss this event? We would be happy to extend the discount codes to them as well.

Thanks and hopefully we will see you in Basel!


Daniela Barbosa
VP of World Wide Alliances, Hyperledger
Mobile/Text: 650.296.6969

The Linux Foundation

Hyperledger welcomes a new project: Hyperledger Ursa

Emily Kurze <ekurze@...>

Hello Hyperledger Community,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Hyperledger’s 11th project Ursa.

Ursa represents a leap forward for Hyperledger as the first metalibrary for cryptography across all Hyperledger projects. Ursa makes it much safer and easier for our distributed ledger projects to use existing, time tested, and trusted cryptographic libraries and new cryptographic library implementations being developed.

Why it matters:  Ursa increases security across all projects. As certain features in one blockchain gain popularity, other blockchains want to adopt those features to stay competitive. As teams cherry pick crypto features from each other, the risk for security issues increases due to duplication. Ursa gathers up all of the crypto implementations and puts them into a single meta library, ensuring that there is a central resource of well analyzed and managed crypto code that is easy for projects to access and use as critical security building blocks . Other main goals of Ursa include:

  • Make increasingly sophisticated crypto protocols available to all Hyperledger projects and the broader open source community to reduce duplicate development

  • Boost interoperability by driving adoption of common verification protocols among projects

Ursa was lead by individuals from Fujitsu, Intel, Sovrin, Dfinity, State Street, Bitwise, IBM, ACM, Sovrin, SAI-Infratel and the Linux Foundation. It’s a win for open source collaboration and the next-level of cryptographic library implementations.

Please help us spread the word for this exciting new initiative. Click to tweets below.

Click to Tweet: Hyperledger announces Ursa, a new meta library for cryptography. A massive step forward for interoperability and security.

Click to Tweet: @Hyperledger URSA is a new meta library for cryptography designed by teams from Fujitsu, Intel, Sovrin, Dfinity, State Street, Bitwise, IBM, ACM and the Linux Foundation.

Click to Tweet:  The launch of Ursa makes all of Hyperledger’s projects more secure. Check out our blog to learn more!

Read more about Ursa on the Hyperledger blog.


Emily Kurze
Sr. Marketing & Internal Communications Manager
The Linux Foundation

Mobile: (916) 250-1165
Timezone: Pacific (Northern California)
Twitter: @EmilyatLF
WeChat: @emilykurze

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.1 Released

Tracy Kuhrt <tkuhrt@...>

It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the release of Sawtooth version 1.1. Earlier this year the Sawtooth community released Sawtooth 1.0, marking the production-ready status of the platform. Since then the community has been hard at work adding new features, improving the privacy and performance of the platform, and growing the ecosystem.

The Sawtooth development team has been focused on two major new features for the Sawtooth 1.1 release, an improved consensus interface and support for WebAssembly smart contracts. For a full list of new features and improvements see the Sawtooth 1.1 Release Notes.
Read the blog or see the latest documentation to get started. If you have questions for the community or want to get involved, please join the #sawtooth channel in chat or the Sawtooth mailing list.

Tracy Kuhrt
Community Architect, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation
Hyperledger Chat: @tkuhrt

Announcing Hyperledger Global Forum! - March 3 - 6, 2020 - Phoenix, Arizona

Daniela Barbosa

We are excited to announce our annual Hyperledger Global Forum will be happening March 3-6, 2020, in Phoenix, Arizona! Registration will open soon and the CFP is now open until September 27, don't wait submit your talk today!

Hyperledger Global Forum will offer the unique opportunity for more than 1,000 users and contributors of Hyperledger projects from across the globe to meet, align, plan and hack together in-person. Open to members and non-members alike, attendees will have the chance to talk directly with Hyperledger project maintainers and the Technical Steering Committee, collaborate with other organizations on ideas that will directly impact the future of Hyperledger, and promote their work among the enterprise blockchain community.

The Hyperledger Global Forum agenda will comprise both a technical and business track covering a range of enterprise blockchain topics, sharing roadmaps for Hyperledger projects, cross-industry keynotes and panels on use cases in development, networking opportunities for the community to bond, and training workshops to help bring developers up the learning curve.

Attend Hyperledger Global Forum to learn everything you can about enterprise blockchain, how it’s being used and how it will impact our day to day lives. Meet potential partners and build relationships at this highly interactive community event!

Save the date on your calendar, and keep an eye out for registration to open soon.

See you in Phoenix!