Hyperledger welcomes a new project: Hyperledger Ursa

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Hello Hyperledger Community,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Hyperledger’s 11th project Ursa.

Ursa represents a leap forward for Hyperledger as the first metalibrary for cryptography across all Hyperledger projects. Ursa makes it much safer and easier for our distributed ledger projects to use existing, time tested, and trusted cryptographic libraries and new cryptographic library implementations being developed.

Why it matters:  Ursa increases security across all projects. As certain features in one blockchain gain popularity, other blockchains want to adopt those features to stay competitive. As teams cherry pick crypto features from each other, the risk for security issues increases due to duplication. Ursa gathers up all of the crypto implementations and puts them into a single meta library, ensuring that there is a central resource of well analyzed and managed crypto code that is easy for projects to access and use as critical security building blocks . Other main goals of Ursa include:

  • Make increasingly sophisticated crypto protocols available to all Hyperledger projects and the broader open source community to reduce duplicate development

  • Boost interoperability by driving adoption of common verification protocols among projects

Ursa was lead by individuals from Fujitsu, Intel, Sovrin, Dfinity, State Street, Bitwise, IBM, ACM, Sovrin, SAI-Infratel and the Linux Foundation. It’s a win for open source collaboration and the next-level of cryptographic library implementations.

Please help us spread the word for this exciting new initiative. Click to tweets below.

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Click to Tweet: @Hyperledger URSA is a new meta library for cryptography designed by teams from Fujitsu, Intel, Sovrin, Dfinity, State Street, Bitwise, IBM, ACM and the Linux Foundation.  https://bit.ly/2Uas84N

Click to Tweet:  The launch of Ursa makes all of Hyperledger’s projects more secure. Check out our blog to learn more! https://bit.ly/2Uas84N

Read more about Ursa on the Hyperledger blog.


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