Re: Migration Complete

Tracy Kuhrt <tkuhrt@...>

Now that we have migrated to, there are some things that we wanted to bring to your attention.
  1. There is no longer a need to prefix all of our mailing lists with `hyperledger-`. As such, we removed the prefix. For example, the previous mailing list `hyperledger-tsc` has been renamed to `tsc`. The email address that you use to send to the list no longer requires the `hyperledger-` prefix (e.g.,
  2. We have removed the following lists that were not being used:
    1. hyperledger-sdk-wg
    2. hyperledger-demos
  3. We have archived the following lists. This means that while the archives are still available, we do not expect any additional traffic on these lists. If necessary, we can unlock them in the future.
    1. hyperledger-announce - This list has been replaced by the main@... list. 
    2. hyperledger-technical-discuss - This list did not have high traffic and was duplicative of the individual mailing lists that we have for projects and working groups. We also noticed that most people would use the `tsc` mailing list for technical discussions that pertained to cross-project matters.
    3. hyperledger-requirements-wg - As you probably now, the TSC archived this working group in March, 2018.
  4. We have renamed a couple of lists:
    1. hyperledger-stl has become sawtooth (sawtooth@...)
    2. hyperledger-arch-wg has become architecture-wg (architecture-wg@...)
  5. The new main@... list is moderated and consists of anyone subscribing to any list (or subgroup) of the Hyperledger group.
  6. You now have a single username/password for all mailing lists (or subgroups) within the Hyperledger group. This username is tied directly to and you can use your Facebook or Google account.
  7. You can use the UI to reply to, search for, and filter messages.
  8. You can modify your account profile, including your display name, at
  9. You can edit your group settings using the `Subscription` menu item to specify what type of email delivery you would like for each list. For example, you can modify your settings for the main list at

Tracy Kuhrt
Community Architect, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation
Rocket.Chat: @tkuhrt

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