Keyhole-Fabric-API-Gateway Accepted Into Hyperledger Labs

Lauren Fournier

The Keyhole Fabric API Gateway was recently accepted into Hyperledger Labs.

It's an open-source tool that uses an API gateway implementation to provide access to a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network and its data. 

The gateway provides RESTful HTTP-based endpoints that access Fabric network peers using the FABRIC-NODE-SDK. It is implemented with Node.js and uses the Express framework. Two types of API authentication validation schemes can be applied: token-based or session-based. Example implementations are provided for both.

Why use it?
  • Useful for executing Chaincode and Smart Contracts.
  • Useful for querying the blockchain by client applications.
  • Authentication logic and validation can be performed here.
  • Implements a web socket to listen for new blocks being added to the blockchain.
To explore the code, see the Keyhole Fabric API Gateway project located on Hyperledger Labs Github.

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