#SharedCrypto discussions hashtag for Labs mailing list #SharedCrypto

Sean Bohan <sean.bohan@...>

Folks working on the shared crypto library in the Labs mailing list:

I want to suggest we use the same hashtag for all messages concerning the Shared Crypto Lib until it gets PROJECT status (and it's own mailing list) so we can keep somewhat organized and allow us to point new contributors to if and when we transition to a mailing list.

For the time being, let's use:


in the subject lines of our messages. See this example from the Healthcare team:

Using those hashtags allows that community to segment their conversations w/in the HC WG. 

If you forget to use that hashtag, your message may get lost over time (or missed by those routinely using the hashtag)


- Sea 
Sean W. Bohan
Sovrin Foundation

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