Re: Setting up a network for SPDX/Zephyr/Hyperledger

Mark Anthony Morris

Hello Everyone,

Here is a link to a PDF of the slides I created and used for delivering last night’s meetup presentation titled: Software Parts Ledger: Blockchain Trust with Open Source across a SupplyChain

On the topic of SGX…the document contains slides I used to discuss the issues related to SGX. 

I have a link to a GitHub repo for a small C” program that will report a machine’s SGX capability and availability. I have compiled it and executed it successfully.

I hope this helps everyone to sort out the SGX use and deployment issues with locating machines that support the instruction set needed to fully employ PoET-SGX.

Mark Morris
Tarantula Technology, Inc.
“Professional Hyperledger Consulting & Development Services"

On May 24, 2018, at 6:32 PM, sameer.farooq@... wrote:

Hi Ry,

Sorry, I did not get your earlier notifications as I joined today.
As far as the ec2 instance sized m5.large is concerned, we can use sawtooth poet consensus algorithm, which doesn't require TEE. While on the other hand, sawtooth poet-SGX would require TEE.
We are still actively developing and will check in the code soon.


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