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Bas van Oostveen <v.oostveen@...>

+1 :-)

Looking forward to the work !


Op ma 5 nov. 2018 om 21:41 schreef Middleton, Dan <dan.middleton@...>:

I declare Umbra winner of best lab name ever.  :)


On 11/5/18, 12:51 PM, "labs@... on behalf of David Huseby" <labs@... on behalf of dhuseby@...> wrote:

    Hi Umbra People,

    The project has now been approved and is officially the Hyperledger
    Umbra Lab.  We now have an official repo here:

    Martin is the primary maintainer with me as backup.  We need to move
    the existing repo over to the new repo.  I noticed that only Martin
    and Tapasweni have landed change sets.  I would like to propose that
    both of you clone/fork the new repo, add your changes again and
    resubmit pull requests against the new repo.  BUT! This time make sure
    you use the -s/--signoff option to git commit so that the
    Signed-off-by header gets added to the commits.  That is a requirement
    for all commits going into Hyperledger projects and signals that the
    developer agrees to the Hyperledger Developer Certificate of Origin.

    Also, please subscribe to the labs mailing list if you haven't already:

    And use the hashtag #umbra at the start of the subject line for all of
    your emails to the list.

    David Huseby
    Security Maven, Hyperledger
    The Linux Foundation

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