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Hart Montgomery

Hi Dan,


Sounds great!  On your points:


1.       I think there will also be some grey area for tiering.  We will probably have to have maintainers collectively decide these things through votes.  We can have a standardized criteria, but I bet I could find a protocol where we would disagree on tier even given the standardized critieria.  This is a good thing to discuss though and something we will definitely have to consider more going forward.

2.       Is anyone not in favor of Ursa?  It sounded like everyone was pretty happy with it, provided we had a sufficiently scary logo.  If we’re happy with it, we should ask the marketing committee to approve.  Hopefully this shouldn’t be a long discussion tomorrow.





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Tomorrow I’d like to use the blake PR to have some discussion about standards and tiers per,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,27631934


Time permitting maybe we could also settle on a name. I don’t like to burn a lot of time on name-the-baby activities but it sounded like we were all in favor of Ursa. If so, we could formalize that.



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