#SharedCrypto crypto-lib meeting tomorrow #SharedCrypto

Hart Montgomery

Hi Everyone,


This is just a reminder for tomorrow’s crypto-lib meeting (7:00 AM Pacific time, as usual).  Some things to discuss:


1.       My perception is that we’re on the cusp of proposing crypto-lib to the TSC for incubation status.  I’d like to discuss this with everyone at the meeting.  As such, if you haven’t gone over the proposal document recently, please take a look: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JtFT5L-82egj6shgGXzTsNAg6_UHuMheKfsst6NS_Xo/edit?usp=sharing.  I have made some edits recently after discussions with Dan M and Shawn, among others.  Ideally, we could announce to the TSC this week that we were planning on asking for a vote in the near future.

2.       Hackfest recap:  we will go over the progress made at the hackfest and next steps.

3.       Whatever else people want to talk about.


Thanks a lot for everyone’s time, and I hope to speak with many of you tomorrow.






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