Re: #SharedCrypto team-specific hack-a-thon? #SharedCrypto

Middleton, Dan

sounds good to me


´╗┐On 10/12/18, 2:45 PM, " on behalf of David Huseby" < on behalf of> wrote:

Hi Crypto-Lib Team,

We're busy building the 2019 budget and I was considering setting
aside some money so that HL could pay for space/snacks/swag for doing
crypto-lib specific hack-a-thons that coincide with events such as
Real World Crypto. Since we're all likely to be attending these
conferences, it might make sense to take advantage of that and get
some space for us to meet in during the evenings or the day after the

I'm looking for feedback from the rest of you on if you think it is a
good idea and a good use of HL resources. Please respond ASAP.

David Huseby
Security Maven, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation

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