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Hart Montgomery

Hi Dave (and Everyone),

This sounds like a great idea. I'd be happy to add an agenda item for next week's meeting.

In the meantime, I'm going to be updating the proposal for incubation. I'll let everyone know when I have a draft of that that I think is worth public consumption.


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Hi Everybody,

I'd like to propose that we plan an agenda and series of meetings for when we're all together in Montreal in a few weeks. I'd like to see us answer some of our lingering questions and actually write some code to move the library forward while we're there. Make it a true hackfest and land patches.

Does anybody have topics they'd like to cover? Hart, will you add an agenda item for the next crypto-lib meeting to discuss the agenda for the hackfest?

David Huseby
Security Maven, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation

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