Helping Hyperledger Labs projects gain visibility and new contributors

David Boswell

For anyone running a Hyperledger Labs project I wanted to let you know that virtual Hyperledger meetups are a good way to raise the visibility of your project and to connect with new contributors.

Virtual meetups usually get between 20 to 40 attendees live during the event and then recordings see several hundred views on our YouTube channel.  And we've heard from Labs projects that have done meetups that this has helped them find new contributors.

You can also run virtual meetups in a variety of languages and this will help you connect with more potential contributors.  For instance, the Blockchain Automation Framework Lab has done English meetups and they've recently scheduled a meetup in Spanish.

If anyone would like to organize a presentation, demo or workshop about your Lab project at a virtual Hyperledger meetup, feel free to email me and I'm happy to help get something set up.


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