Iroha Weekly Updates 21 #irohaweekly

Sara Garifullina

Hello everyone! 
Hope you are all having a great weekend! 

It is time for our #IrohaWeekly report! 
Last week the team: 

Among fixes: 
- Fixed missing instruction for downloading in Jenkinsfile:
- Fixed synchronisation by allowing ProtoBlockFactory to create empty block:
- Fixed the MST State propagation by sending source public key in MstState:

Among efficiency improvements:
- Increased performance by moving stateful signatures validation to SQL:
- Refactored query variant with external templates:
- Removed QueryResponseBuilder from Iroha:
- Made thread created only once at GossipPropagation:
- Improved the compilation time with pimpl proto block:
- Refactored on-demand pipeline to use batches as a data unit:
- Added a factory for on demand ordering service:
- MST features can now be locally used even when it is disabled:

And among other improvements and feature implementations:
- Prepared Consensus for Two-Phase Commit:
- ITF now uses gRPC for testing:

We will have more and exciting news for you the next week, so stay tuned!
Your Iroha team