Iroha Weekly Updates 18 #irohaweekly

Lira Lemur <lira.lemur@...>

Hello! It is time for #IrohaWeekly

We added:

- vim into develop Docker image:
- CI test reports:
- MST test for possible replays:
- boost link for mst_state:
- Consensus Round as Key in YacStorages:
- irohad verbosity flag:
- try-catch to WsvQuery methods:
- Batch Polymorphism and Abstract Factory:

Other improvements:

- reduced dependencies of MST state:
- separated range types for better dependency management:
- moved query execution into postgres:
- fixed missing boost dependencies:
- fixed irohad_test:

And if you have not yet seen a video of WallStreetJournal creating its token on Iroha, do not forget to check it out: