Iroha Weekly Updates 17 #irohaweekly

Lira Lemur <lira.lemur@...>

Hello, followers of #IrohaWeekly! 🖖

Last week was quite productive. Iroha is changing, getting better — new ways, new ideas. Faster and more reliable.

Here is what we achieved:


- Return set in MstState::getBatch -now it is faster:

- CommandService by refactoring its code:

- compile time by removing unnecessary template instantiations in YacGateImpl:

- AddAssetQuantity benchmark — it is now 2.5-3 times faster:


- tests for GetRolePermissions query:

- tests for running Iroha with --overwrite-ledger flag:

- freeConnections method, which disposes all currently used connections:

- support for deploying Iroha on Kubernetes cluster:

- factory for query responses and tests:

- method to detect if Postgres is ready before running Iroha:


- CURL for more security:

- Dev Build:


- static Jenkins build agents with on-demand ones:

- proto builders and shared_model objects in YAC tests with mocks:


- amount_utils since they are not used:

- EnoughSig response in processBatch:

Hope you all have a productive decentralised weekend!