Iroha Weekly Updates 14 #irohaweekly

Lira Lemur <lira.lemur@...>

Hello everyone! 🖖🏽
We are very proud to introduce our work this week — it included some very important changes. 

1. Fixed:
- container timestamp validation:
- BFT OS algorithm and interfaces:

We also introduced 1 hotfix this week making dev branch equivalent to develop:

2. Worked on tests:
- moved common object builders and proposal and block builders for testing: and
- added queries acceptance tests:
- added GetAssetInfo acceptance test:
- added RemoveSignatory acceptance test:
- added more logs to revoke test:

3. Removed:
- fields naming inconsistency in proto files:
- duplication in Command Service:
- confusing last reviewed date from docs:

And more than that, we also worked on Libiroha integration: and on the BFT OS components:

Stay tuned! #IrohaWeekly