Iroha Weekly Updates 13 #irohaweekly

Lira Lemur <lira.lemur@...>


Last week we:

- added the ability to send transaction sequences to the ITF and check stateless valid/invalid status:

- made reducedHash visible to libraries:

- more tests! Now for getAccountAssetTransactions query:

- reworked synchroniser for the new ordering service:

- improved  documentation on RevokePermission:

- removed block query dependence on the protobuf:

- added missing peer to on-demand OS connection manager:

- added tests checking batch pipeline:

- fixed tests for tx processor with batches:

- more test fixes: - client tests with MST batches and - for Torii service

- added comments for ordering gate:

- updated minimum CMake version requirements to 3.11.2 to use  cool new features:

- added thread component in boost bootstrapping:

- added Storage for Pending Transactions:

- and again, tests: - GetAccount acceptance test; - SendTx and SendQuery system tests.

- removed unneeded linking to proto_backend:

And now that's it! Have a great day 🖖