Iroha Weekly Updates 12 #irohaweekly

Lira Lemur <lira.lemur@...>

Hello everyone following us via email lists! 
Here is the report (attention! It was a very productive week!)

So, last week we:

- fixed Torii tests so now they are acting more 'human' and also help testing diverse enviroments:

- introduced features of permission check right in SQL executors: and get_roles_test:

- made the last block load faster with consensus cache in Block Loader and YaC Gate:

- fixed overwrite-ledger option:

- before it was impossible to add a role without permissions to account. Now it is possible:

- implemented YaC proposal gate:

- worked on on-demand OS transport: and on-demand connection manager:

- fixed database connections so they are not occupied permanently with components anymore:

- added run-postgres-dev and stop-postgres-dev scripts:

- allowed empty blocks processing:

- added tests for CreateAsset command:

Also wanted to thank you for sharing your experience using Iroha - and thank you for developing it with us! 
'Till next week 😊