Iroha Weekly Updates 10 #irohaweekly

Nikolay Yushkevich <nikolai@...>

It’s been a week since last weekly update. Here is a weekly update for W29 2018 🔥:

Major changes

Command executors, completely in SQL (which implies this is going to be faster and more error-prone)
Query execution can be mocked now (and tests are going to be much cleaner and easy to read)
Transaction batch was added to API set. Now many accounts can sign single batch in order to confirm its validity
New API in shared model. Now client libraries can calculate hashes, check the validity of messages and sign them with private keys
The amount now is passed as a string (I hope you don’t know what there was before 😅)

Middle changes

Transaction list is now retrieved by Iroha peer (almost a batch — small changes remain for its full implementation)
Support of transaction batch in ordering gate
Support of transaction batch in Peer Communication Service and Transaction
Builders are replaced with mocked Shared Model interfaces
WSV Query factories (instead of builders)
Refactor QueryProcessor interface

Minor changes

Jenkins build status badge link
Shared Model build status is fixed
Removed exception in batch Stateful Validation
A proposal is not copied anymore