Iroha Weekly Updates 8 #irohaweekly

Юшкевич Николай <n.yushkevich@...>

Finally, it is Friday 🎊🍾🎉🥂!

Week highlights 🔥:

We have improved our throughput⚡️ five times 😮 (according to Caliper measurements here
It used to be pretty low in previous release (around 30tx/s), now it is 151tx/s on two local peers, and please don’t be confused with that number as we are gradually improving the performance (yet as soon as we release BFT ordering service throughput might degrade a bit), and don’t compare us yet to other systems — as finalisation in Iroha is different compared to other platforms; due to its trusted BFT consensus algorithm and overall pipeline. 

Hopefully, we will contribute more to performance WG in Hyperledger and come up with clear comparison criteria ❔ soon.

All the stateful validation errors are printed 📋 in peer logs. Now it is a lot easier to check what went wrong with a rejected transaction

Also, stateful errors are printed to users of Iroha as well. Temporarily we print all the issues and potentially disclose sensitive data, but don’t worry — we are designing error codes to hide that.
Finally, we have deleted account_id from a previously confusing API in Add/Subtract commands

Transaction batch introduction. New API, a new format of transaction and genesis block & 

Oops 🤷🏻, our CI was too good for the capacity of Amazon, we had to revert it back until we figure out what can be used instead

SOCI dependency management with CMake inte
Block and proposal creation benchmarks
Proposal and block txs validation
Add test cases for empty protobuf payload 

Color diagnostics in Jenkins CI 🏳️‍🌈
Fix tests for createRole with the empty set of permissions
Bind operator in TemporaryWsv files