Iroha Weekly Updates 7 #irohaweekly

Nikolay Yushkevich <n.yushkevich@...>

Get down, it is Saturday update 🎉

Week highlights 🔥:

New Jenkins continuous integration and delivery pipeline. Our DevOps engineers in maintainers team (@tyvision95) have designed and implemented new unique pipeline that supports CVS schema and improves a weak point of squash&merge with preliminary merge checks — our CI won’t simply allow you to merge a branch which may not pass tests or build when it is merged to development branch. 
Our CI agents are allocated dynamically now on Amazon servers. We measure coverage in sonarqube and lcov tool with reports loaded to Jenkins artifact server, build docs, bindings and release files, update docker containers. Developers are notified about build issues by email. 

After a month since today development branch is going to be protected, all PRs are going to be merged via Jenkins:

Stateful validation error responses

Now users can create empty roles
WSV (blockchain state) in PostgreSQL stores permissions as bit strings
CLI values now are cached for convenience purposes by contributor uditha-atukorala
Removed grantable permissions in queries
Databases are purged and dropped after tests

Fix type incompatibility on 32-bit platforms in keys manager