Iroha Weekly Updates 5 #irohaweekly

Viacheslav Bikbaev <viacheslav@...>

Today is Thursday – time for the first Iroha (bi)Weekly Update of the Summer!

We have started our work on BFT ordering service 🎉!  You can track the progress here:

Important: we have changed the response of getAccountAssets query. Now it returns all assets of the account, not only the one passed: We are considering adding separate query for getting one asset though.

Finally fixed the infamous iroha-cli genesis block generation bug 🎉🎉🎉, thus resolving

Our new core team member Akvinikym is optimising Iroha compile time:,

We are working on our docs (as usual): Docs about transaction statuses, entity-relationship model:, few words about MST: Also we are planning to make Getting started section simpler:

Community contributions:
ZeekHuge is improving our ironad [WIP]
onsjkm and walkero fixed package name of Java bindings (, We have merged only one of those PRs, because they were fixing the same problem, however we are sincerely grateful to both our contributors: thanks for the incredible work🙌!

Don’t forget to ask all your questions here. Also, you can always create issues at

Thanks to everyone for your continuous support! Stay tuned!