Iroha Weekly Updates 3 #irohaweekly

Viacheslav Bikbaev <viacheslav@...>

Hey, I am here with our Weekly Update (a bit late though): 
We are a bit late because we are working hard on 1.0 BETA-2 release. ETA is this week 😍. You can read a draft of release notes here  

Since all significant changes will be described in the release notes, today I want to showcase our contributors, who made a lot of progress previous week:

sjashwin helped us with Boost linking and working on GRPC error handler and fixing segmentation fault for negative precision in CLI

uditha-atukorala is working on major improvements of CLI:

walkero and Akash76 opened several issues and helped us pinpoint problems/bugs.

(I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone 🙈)

We want to say “thank you” to our community once again! Without your continuous contributions it won’t be possible!

Stay tuned so you don’t miss our release.