Hyperledger Indy and Ethereum DIDs interoperability through decentralized universal resolvers on Ethereum/Indy - Nathan Aw from Singapore

Nathan Aw

Hi all, this is Nathan Aw from Singapore. 

As one's decentralized identity can and should reside on different ledgers/blockchain for maximum resilence and coverage, I am working on blockchain interoperability solution between Ethereum and hyperledger indy (Sovrin), specifically how DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) on different ledgers/blockchain can be linked, established and implemented (roll out) on a planetary scale.

1. Establishing the link between ethereum account ID (erc 1056, erc 780, 725, 735) and Hyperledger Indy DIDs state variables through Hyperledger Indy Universal Resolver / Universal Registrar and/or an Ethereum-based universal DID resolvers

Is there some way to design and build a decentralized universal DID resolvers in Ethereum that interfaces with Hyperledger Indy DIDs Universal Resolvers?

Wondering if anyone could provide inputs to the possible ways of integration between this 2 major decentralized identity platforms?

Thank you.

Nathan Aw from Singapore

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