Deletion in the blockchain WP

Vitalii Demianets

Hi all!
My name is Vitalii Demianets and I am the lead developer at norbloc AB, one of the HL members.
We are building a KYC application on the blockchain which is basically about storing personal data in this immutable distributed decentralized database, which blockchain is (as we see it). For our application it is important to store the real data on chain and with the coming EU ruling about the "right to be erased" it is equally important to make the blockchain not so immutable and to be able to delete the data from the blockchain.

We think that the support of data deletion from the blockchain side is equally important for many other blockchain applications targeting European market, that's why the whitepaper. Ideally we would like to have the built-in support for the deletion feature in the "official" HL implementation.

The whitepaper describes the deletion feature using Bitcoin protocol as an example because we want to target wide enough audience, but translation to the fabric is obvious. Hopefully it is obvious enough for the cases of Sawtooth Lake and Iroha too, but unfortunately I am not so familiar with them.

So, as the mailing list name suggests, please discuss.


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