2022 General Meeting Agenda

Mike McCoy

Hi Hyperledger HC SIG,

Tomorrow we have our first General Meeting of 2022 at 1000 Eastern. Here is the link to join on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/94119371318?pwd=Sm5UZ0JrUEhuZFdpdlZLbTJ6NjRXZz09

We have the following blockchain and healthcare updates to review tomorrow, along with a bunch of educational videos that help us understand the space even more. You can find tomorrow's agenda here: 

Below are the topics we will cover. I also encourage all members to feel free to discuss topics that are on their minds as well: 
  • University of Birmingham: The Health Care Sector’s Experience of Blockchain: A Cross-disciplinary Investigation of Its Real Transformative Potential 
  • Regenstrief Institute & NIH: Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage (PPRL) technology for COVID-19 clinical research
  • McKesson: Share experience working with Chronicled and the MediLedger Consortium
  • VitaDAO: 2nd IP-NFT purchase for art piece that also accesses autophagy research and data
  • VitaDAO: Purchase GlycanAge test, and get insights into your glycome and biological info via $VITA tokens
  • Brian Armstrong: Starts epigenetic reprogramming company to extend the human lifespan
  • Botanical Water Technologies: Blockchain for transparent and secure water trading 
  • UK.gov: Moving to full digital documents for Right to Work, Criminal Record Checks and Digital ID

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