Design models #patient-member-subgroup #donormilk

Mikhail Elias <hyperledger@...>

The initial design models for the human milk POC are now available for review :

Narrative text to accompany the visual models will be forthcoming shortly; however, the models should hopefully be fairly self-explanatory. We should plan on briefly discussing on our upcoming call tomorrow.

The next iteration will address lower-level design details, including the components and APIs of the specific blockchain platform(s) selected for implementation, with specific focus on identity and security more broadly.

The artifacts have been derived from a platform design model library and tailored to this use case using a defined set of methodologies derived a process assets library.

These assets have been undergoing iterative refinement over an extended timeframe in order to meet the requirements of multi-stakeholder public-private collaborative initiatives focused on governance systems and e-government platforms, smart-city and regional integration infrastructure, e-market(place) and supply-chain infrastructure, and platform solutions for sustainable ecosystems, habitats and human development program portfolios.

This work is specifically focused on satisfying compliance and regulatory enforcement requirements in hybrid, multi-layered, public and private policy contexts and jurisdictions through policy integration and automation applied to decentralized multi-stakeholder wide-area workflows.

The primary drivers for this initiative are the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The expectation is that participating stakeholders are parties to, or otherwise operate within jurisdictions that are party to, all three agreements.

These artifacts, along with additional forthcoming artifacts, are being made available as per the terms of relevant Linux Foundation policies covering contributions of intellectual property. They are currently being used to develop and commercialize a suite of platform-product technologies that satisfy public sector open-source procurement guidelines.

Going forward, this work could support development of multiple POCs for tools targeted to various activities spanning the SDLC, and for solutions targeted to multiple business domains and services systems.

Some of this activity could be transitioned to a more formal incubation process, such as the Hyperledger Labs model, given its direct relevance to the healthcare, social impact and public sector WGs.