Hyperledger HCWG #patient-member-subgroup 9/14 Meeting Agenda #patient-member-subgroup #donormilk

Mikhail Elias <hyperledger@...>

Hi again - I've made some additional edits to the AsiaPac HIMSS Innovation Challenge submission, and also added several links to the Donor milk transparency and traceability wiki page for traceability.

The recent edits mainly focus on more fully articulating the innovative aspects (question #1) of the solution.

I am planning to continue working on the submission tomorrow (Thursday) -- still hoping to identify more quantitative supporting evidence to strengthen the business case.

The goal for end of day tomorrow should be to produce the draft narrative content based on the list items prepared thus far.

We can review the draft on Friday morning's call, and use the remaining time to revise and finalize the submission.


Marissa Iannarone

Hi Everyone,

Based on the Doodle poll, we are going to keep meeting times for the patient subgroup to every other Friday at 9-10am PST. You can copy the meeting on to your calendar here.

Regarding action items from last meeting, for me I have have not been able to review the HMBANA materials yet that I have received, but it is still on my to do list.

For this Friday, we will be reviewing the AsiaPac HIMSS Innovation Challenge submission that we have started for the donor milk use case. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this as well as the donor milk use case wiki! The submission is due by EOD on 9/14, so this will be our only time to review. Please contribute if you can and let me know if you have any questions.


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