REMINDER: #Patient-member-subgroup #donormilk update and prep for next 8/17 meeting #patient-member-subgroup #donormilk

Marissa Iannarone

Hi All,

Quick reminder that our next meeting for the patient subgroup is tomorrow morning at 9AM PDT. Dial in details can be found on the Hyperledger Community Calendar. Let me know if you have any questions. Agenda is below.


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On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 6:11 PM, Marissa Iannarone <mari.iannarone@...> wrote:
Hi All,

A few updates regarding the donor milk use case and the agenda for our 8/17 MTG. I know the email is long, but stick with me.

Quick shout out to Benjamin and Isaac who have shown interest in becoming technical contributors to the donor milk effort - let me know how we can help you get involved.

  • "While I am aware that in more business, proprietary communities groups will get additional funding for research, Hyperledger is a purely open source platform. Similarly to project proposals and frameworks all the code developed by your group needs to be an open source initiative driven by the community and people who see value in it. While we are not able to give you developers or funding, hyperledger staff, will support you with governance, infrastructure and collaboration tools."
  • If anyone would like to discuss post POC strategy, please let me know
  • Agenda for 8/17 meeting @9AM PST
9am-9:30am: We will have a guest, Naomi Bar-Yam, Executive Director of Milk Bank NE, to answer question regarding the challenges in the current donor milk ecosystem on supply/demand visibility and traceability - Thanks to Anton Ansalmar from Rapid Healthcare for making that introduction
9:30am-10:50am: Angela Courtney, will share what she has learned so far in the early build she has done with Composer
9:50am-10am: wrap up and discuss next steps

  • Please send over your questions for Naomi by 8/14 - I will be sending Naomi questions ahead of time so that she has time to review. Here are the questions that I have collected so far from Rich, Isaac, and Benjamin:
    • What are the major challenges that donor banks are facing?
    • What are the specific issues that drive the supply chain?
    • Are there challenges with physically storing the milk in a secure manner? Is someone trying to make changes to the milk a risk?
    • How is collaboration between Non-Profit, For Profit and COOP entities in the space?
    • Do you engage at an international level with other donor organizations?
    • How do you communicate your supply to hospitals and decide where your donations go?
    • What actions are taken when contamination is detected?
    • What data are already being collected by your systems for the donations and movement of the them?
    • What legal/regulatory standards are you working with and what does the paperwork load look like to meet these requirements?

      We might not be able to address all of them with her, but I'm hoping that we can engage her for another call or she can refer us to someone else.
Have a great weekend everyone!


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