Event: Hyperledger Healthcare Interoperability Subgroup - 01/03/2022 #cal-reminder

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Reminder: Hyperledger Healthcare Interoperability Subgroup

7:00am to 8:00am
(UTC-08:00) America/Los Angeles


Organizer: Steven Elliott steven.elliott@... 5203440208

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HIS is focused on how clinical artifacts can be stored on a blockchain in a semantically interoperable way and the policies, assets and consensus process needed to guarantee semantic interoperability.  This means clinical artifacts stored in the ledger should have the same meaning for each of the consortium members including patients. 
The goal of HIS is to build a working consortium of healthcare systems with peers executing episodes of care persisted to the distributed ledger which can then be retrieved in the future by different peers in different settings.
The means to achieve this goal is for the group to determine the tasks needed to develop and build the blockchain and members execute those tasks.  Initial Epics and Stories can be found on the main HIS page as well as the agenda


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