General Meeting. Tomorrow. 1000 Eastern. BE THERE

Mike McCoy

Hi Hyperledger HC SIG,

Tomorrow we have another General Meeting at 1000 Eastern. Here is the link to join on zoom:

Be sure to check out all of the events coming up in the next month and review the topics here:

We even have a project update from Mike PIca's group, but we will also touch on the following topics!

Topics we will discuss:
  • Mike Pica: Blockchain Healthcare DAO Progress 
  • BHTY: Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Informed Consent Process and Patient Engagement in a Clinical Trial Pilot:   
  • Wired: States and Genetic Privacy Laws
  • Alan Morrison: How reliable are smart contracts and what can they be used for? 
  • Oxford Academic: Designing and testing a blockchain application for patient identity management in healthcare (University Blockchain Research Initiative’s Visionary 2021 Award Winner)
  • Decentriq: Partners with 20 pharma companies to collaborate on sensitive data together
  • Nokia: AI Data Marketplace model
  • Facebook: Launch Subscriptions on Novi the BC-based wallet
  • OneRecord: Developer APIs for interop EHRs 
  • Frontiers: BC-based, Self-Sovereign Identity in Education 
Educational Links: 

Mike McCoy | Emerging Technology | Humana | Thomas Jefferson University |

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