- Payer Subgroup Meeting #payer-subgroup - Reminder - Tomorrow, 09/11 #payer-subgroup

Raveesh Dewan

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone has been well and healthy.

Just a friendly reminder that our bi-weekly Payer Subgroup meeting is Tomorrow - Friday, 09/11 at 1 PM EST.

Progress from last meeting, on 08/14.
  • Team continued working on the Prescription Management POC - all the screens completed and the process created.
  • Team worked on the Prescription management application - Created the registration forms for all entities (Provider, Member, Payer and Pharmacist).
  • Created the screen to submit prescription
  • Prescription network initial chaincode ready for integration 
  • Discussed next steps and action items
    In tomorrow's meeting
    • We will continue our work on the POC to integrate the application and the chaincode.
    • Discuss next steps to integrate the application with the network
    As always, we welcome everyone to join us and be a part of the innovation.

    General Information:

    Payer sub group's mission is to focus on problems related to the Payer industry and to facilitate adoption of blockchain technologies within the healthcare payer industry, by identifying specific opportunities where the application of blockchain technologies can be meaningful.

    Online meeting URL

    (Meeting ID : 403 498 3298)
    International numbershttps://zoom.us/u/bAaJoyznp
    iPhone (one-tap)+16465588656,,4034983298#+16699006833,,4034983298#
    Phone numbers (USA)+1(646)558-8656+1(669)900-6833
    Toll-free numbers (USA)+1(855)880-1246+1(877)369-0926


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