How to raise the visibility of the Grid project

David Boswell

I heard there was a good conversation today on the Grid community call about how to raise the visibility of the project and get the attention of more users.  There are lots of ways to use Hyperledger's channels to do this, so I wanted to share some thoughts with the group.

* Virtual Hyperledger meetups: We have a very large and active meetup community with over 70,000 people in all of our meetup groups.  We also livestream or share recordings on our YouTube channel that has 12,000+ subscribers.  We also run meetups in a variety of languages and you can pick any time zone to run meetups, so you can connect with audiences around the world.  There was only 1 meetup in 2020 that had content on Grid and I would be happy to work with this group to better leverage our meetup groups.

* Writing about Grid: There are many opportunities to publish content about Grid and we have active channels to promote that -- our site, Twitter (with 67k+ followers), LinkedIn (with 29k+ followers), etc.  Shorter form pieces can go on the blog and you can also do longer form pieces, including case studies and research papers.  There hasn't been much Grid content published, but we're happy to support you to do more of that.

* Supply Chain SIG: There is a Special Interest Group devoted to supply chain discussions and activities with over 300 people on the group's list who are interested in learning more about using blockchain for supply chains.  That group has a regular series of presentations and you can see the 15 recordings they've posted to our Webinars page at the link below.  And the SIG is run as an open source project -- if they're not doing something you think they should be doing, you can show up and contribute and drive the direction of the group.

I hope these thoughts are helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments about any of this.