Grid Community Update | May 25, 2021

Jack Vishneski

Dear Hyperledger Grid Community,

We've been hard at work developing the Grid platform, with ambitious plans to release 0.2 and 0.3 over the new few months. Grid is the first and (currently) only domain-specific project in the Hyperledger portfolio, focused on transforming supply chains through distributed ledger technology.

Grid will only reach its full potential when all supply chain participants - retailers, distributors, transporters, governing bodies, banks, producers and manufacturers - are engaged in the platform and community, and as the demands on our project team have grown, we've reflected on where we need greater representation (ex: supply chain process professionals), and how to best bring together such a diverse group (whose backgrounds, experiences, and interests do not always align).

To that end, we are shifting our community meeting strategy away from a single recurring monthly session, towards an event-driven series that focuses on key milestones for the project.

First, we'd love to have you all join us at the Hyperledger Global Forum, June 8-10:

Second, we'll be announcing a "Grid 0.2 Release Party" shortly after we tag the new release. This will be a fun opportunity to meet the core team building Grid and see the applicability of its latest features!

Third, we are exploring we might facilitate a "Help Design Grid" event with representatives from all participants in a vertical supply chain.

Fourth, we plan to refresh the Grid homepage with content more accessible to people who are new to the project, and to distributed ledger technology in general.

As always, we welcome your ideas and insights! You can reach us any time @ (requires a free Linux Foundation ID)


The Grid Team | grid@...