Ways to share about your Hyperledger project at Hyperledger Global Forum in Dublin

David Boswell

In addition to the general call for proposals for Hyperledger Global Forum sessions, there are a couple of options for sharing about Hyperledger projects that are being reserved for project leads.  We encourage you to take part in these to make the most of the largest Hyperledger event this year.

* Workshops: If you or your team members are attending Global Forum and would like to give a ½ day workshop, please propose one here. We will be able to support a limited number of workshops selected by the Proposals Committee. These are a good way to help people learn how to use and contribute to your project. The submission deadline is Friday, April 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT.

* Meetup: We will be hosting an evening meetup that will be open to the local community and this will allow people who aren’t going to Global Forum to learn more about Hyperledger.  The format will be quick lightning style talks and then time to connect with meetup attendees who want to learn more about what you’re doing.  Please reach out to dboswell@... if you’d like to speak at the meetup.

If you have questions about either of these or about other ways Hyperledger staff can help you with your project, feel free to let us know.  And if you are planning a release or have a big project milestone around the time of Global Forum, let us know and we can help you promote your news.