Re: Trace and Trace issue

Prem Baranwal

Thanks Peter.
Do you mean changing the tag in docker-compose.yaml from 1.1 to 1.2.5 for all the hyperledger images? The highest version matching 1.2.* published on docker hub for sawtooth-validator is 1.2.5.
  image: hyperledger/sawtooth-validator:1.1
  image: hyperledger/sawtooth-validator:1.2.5

I actually tried to change it to chime tag which is essentially same as 1.2.5. That resolved the consensus error and i was able to execute the intkey TP transactions But it gave the following validator connection error when i submitted the get-started user form from aseet_client UI Failed to receive events; aborting: connection received invalid message: Received unexpected message: PING_REQUEST.

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