Intro - Digital Asset Trust Framework

Erik Hanzlick

Hi HL Grid Group,
Happy new year! My name is Erik Hanzlick and I'm an offering manager at IBM. With my team and group of business partners, we're building an open-source project called the Digital Asset Trust Framework (DATF). We intend to provide a similar structure of resources (chaincode templates, client libraries, etc.) to HL Grid but focused on digital asset supply chains such as movies, audio, research data, etc. on Hyperledger Fabric.
The Hyperledger Grid project is a huge inspiration for us and I was hoping to get in touch with one of the founders/managers of the project to learn about how you got to be where you are today. We're still early on in our development and would love to get wisdom from your team. 
I'll leave a link to our industry paper our published recently. Our initial focus is on media and entertainment since we work closely with many of the studios and the industry. 
If this looks interesting and you have the time in the next two weeks, let's coordinate and get on a call. Otherwise, I'll catch your team on your next public call.
Erik Hanzlick
Offering Manager
IBM Aspera | erik.hanzlick@...

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