Retrieval of lost wallet user identities details #fabric-ca-client


Hi team,

I used MongoDB to store wallet identity. But due to some reason I lost(deleted) the wallet identity data of the client(users).
Now I want to retrieve that data. I used the below component to set up the network.

Hyperledger fabric version: 2.3
Fabric-CA version: latest 

Network configuration :
 3 organization setup with couch DB as state database
 5 orderer setup with RAFT consensus

Let me know if is there any functionality available to retrieve the lost user data of the wallet

Mark Lewis

The user private keys contained in the wallet are, well... private. They don't exist anywhere else so unless you can recover the deleted MongoDB data, they are gone. You could re-enrol the lost user identities with the CA to issue new certificates for those users based on new private keys.