Request on Interview

Haerle Matthias <Matthias.Haerle@...>

Dear Sir or Madame, 


My name is Matthias Härle, student of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein. 

Currently I am working on my master's thesis on the topic "State of the Art of Distributed Ledger Technology" using several case studies to examine the maturity and feasibility of the technology for industrial adoption. During my research I am analysing the TradeLens Project, since Hyperledger depicts the underlying Blockchain Technology of the project I would like to ask if you are interested to answer a few questions about the TradeLens project in the context of a semi-structured interview (about 30 minutes)?  

There is no right or wrong in your answers, there is no judgment, crucial for me is to gain your insights as an expert so that I can bring your expertise into my evaluation. 

Of course, your data will be treated anonymously and the results won’t be published except for submission to the review committee. 

I would be very grateful if you could take the time to answer my questions and thereby you would help me a lot in my work. 



Many thanks in advance. 


Best regards 


Matthias Härle 


University of Liechtenstein 

4th Semester Student 

Master's Degree Information Systems
Fürst-Franz-Josef Strasse
9490 Vaduz
T +49 174 753 8021