New RFC: Wasm Smart Contracts #fabric-chaincode

Matthew White


Today I've created a new PR for the "Wasm Smart Contracts RFC".  This is the PR
And the document it self is

This is the RFC that I introduced on the Fabric Community last Wednesday. It's high-level aims are

- Provide a Wasm based runtime for chaincode
- Provide a Rust language contract and ledger API implementation to run in this Wasm chaincode

We've taken inspiration from the existing Wasm Hyperledger Lab.  Currently, we're pulling in the Wasm runtime into a go module that uses the go-chaincode-stub to connect to the peer. 
The Rust API is an evolution of the current Contract and previously Proposed Ledger API. If you're family with these then the API in this RFC will be extremely familiar.
API Documentation is available at

More information on the Rust contracts can be built and deployed are in the at the prototype

Any questions please connect with me, here or on RocketChat, or vote on the RFC!

Matthew White
fabric-chaincode-node, fabric-chaincode-java, fabric-samples maintainer.