ANNOUNCEMENT: Hyperledger Fabric v2.5.0-beta is now available!

David Enyeart

v2.5.0 is expected to be the next long-term support (LTS) release of Hyperledger Fabric. Since there have been changes to how the project binaries and docker images are built, we would like to get some feedback on the beta release prior to releasing v2.5.0. Specifically, given the rise in popularity of Mac M1 and M2, we are now producing ARM64 binaries and docker images in addition to AMD64.


Please give it a try! When going through the installation instructions you can specify to pull down the 2.5.0-beta:

./ --fabric-version 2.5.0-beta


More information from the What’s New documentation and release notes:


Multi-architecture binaries and docker images are now available

The release binaries and docker images have been updated as follows:

  • Support for amd64 and arm64.
  • Release binaries are statically linked for maximum portability.
  • Docker images utilize dynamically linked binaries and are now based on Ubuntu (rather than Alpine) to make them more consistent with typical production runtime environments (production runtime environments are typically based on glibc and often require dynamic linking of HSM modules).


Purge history of private data

While it has always been possible to delete private data from current state, this new feature enables purging the history of private data from a peer while preserving a hash of the private data as immutable evidence on the blockchain.

  • Useful for purging private data on demand for privacy reasons or to adhere to government regulations.
  • Deletes private data from state and from peer’s private data history so that it can no longer be queried from block events or from other peers.
  • Available as a new chaincode API PurgePrivateData().
  • Requires setting application capability to V2_5 in channel configuration


For more details, see the Private Data topic: