Fabric Full Stack Development Workshop / Fabric Open Stack


Ahoy, Fabric!

Running sample applications with the test network (Docker compose) has been a great way to get started working with Fabric clients, chaincode, and operations.  One of the challenges with the test network is that it presents a very steep learning curve and onramp for Fabric.  It's ... "too hard."  
As a supplement to the test network, we've started an effort to assemble a Fabric Open Stack environment illustrating the best practices (circa ~2.4) for assembling blockchains in a cloud native, developer-friendly, production-ready, and 100% open-source fashion.

The three pillars of Fabric Open Stack include: 
  • Lightweight, rapid, step-debug local development with microfab, supplemented with virtual k8s clusters.

  • Gateway Client (new in 2.4) Application development 

  • Cloud Native deployment practices with k8s, fabric-operator, and the new k8s-chaincode builder.
While this project is still a work in progress (not an official fabric-sample), we'd love to hear your input, feedback, and community contributions on the approach.  And if you will be attending next month's Hyperledger Global Forum, please join us for an interactive session and workshop highlighting the Full Stack Asset Transfer Guide in action, in person, in Dublin.

Thank you all, and happy coding!