Hyperledger Fabric in a SaaS architecture #saas #organizations

Jacques Sauvé

Is there a way of using Fabric for non-repudiation of ledger contents if all organizations are accessing a given application as SaaS?
I can't see a way of using Fabric and still keep the service accessed as SaaS.
Would it be absolutely necessary to distribute the service so that each organization executes it on its own peer(s) or is there a clever way of keeping the centralized SaaS architecture?
For example, is there some solution for several organizations sharing a peer (assuming this peer is controlled by a third party trusted by all)? 
Of course, appropriate user certificates with affiliation could identify the particular organizations involved in an exchange.

Thanks for any pointers and ideas.


Jacques Sauvé

One more detail: I ḿ thinking of a hybrid model where some larger organizations will say: "I wont use SaaS, I'll run everything on my own peers" and smaller companies that would prefer to stick to SaaS but would still like to have a copy of the ledger.