event listener options in fabric go sdk

Kumari Shweta

HI team,
Like node js sdk,event listeners have options parameter to receive events from startBlockNumber.

Is it possible to implement in fabric go sdk?

let me suggest.

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Re-reading your mail, I realise that you might be retrieving chaincode events rather than block events. The story here is similar to block events, and the Fabric Gateway client API allows you to specify either a specific start block or, using a checkpointer, a specific transaction ID. If specifying a transaction ID, events are received from the transaction immediately following that transaction ID. The idea here is that are checkpointing successfully processed events and can resume listening without missing or duplicating events.

Unlike the legacy SDKs, which receive full blocks from the peer and extract the chaincode events, the Fabric Gateway client API receives only the chaincode events directly from the Gateway peer, so there can be significantly lower network overhead.