error while updating system channel config to add a new consortium #fabric-kubernetes #signcerts #x509 #organizations #orderer

Vijaya Bhaskar

I am trying to update system channel configuration to add a new consortium. I have placed the org admin signcert in the map/admincerts folder. the system channel update is failing with the following error. the orderer is in a separate k8s cluster and new org and its certs are in a separate k8s cluster. any pointers will be helpful

Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- error applying config update to existing channel 'syschannel': initializing channelconfig failed: could not create channel Consortiums sub-group config: setting up the MSP manager failed: admin 0 is invalid [The identity does not contain OU [CLIENT], MSP: [ispus],cannot test for classification, node ou for type [ADMIN], not defined, msp: [ispus]]