Error : When submitting transactions getting REQUEST TIMEOUT after 300000 #fabric-orderer #fabric-peer


Hi ,
I am using HLF 2.2.3 and node sdk for sending concurrent transactions .
i have disabled the concurrency limit of endorser in core.yaml to test High throughput, after sending many transactions in parallel,  I am getting REQUEST TIMEOUT error, all transactions are submitted to the network but there is no response,

Observed following error in peer logs:
2022-06-03 06:52:46.869 UTC [peer.blocksprovider] DeliverBlocks -> WARN 0c6 Got error while attempting to receive blocks: received bad status SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE from orderer channel=mychannel

Observed following error in Orderer logs:
022-06-03 09:07:53.677 UTC [orderer.common.cluster.puller] func1 -> WARN 099 Received error of type 'minimum requested sequence is 12676 but is at sequence 12675' from {"CAs":[{"Expired":false,"Issuer":"self","Subject":",,L=San Francisco,ST=California,C=US"}],"Endpoint":""} channel=mychannel

How exactly I can resume network and continue to send requests, What is the cause for this error.