fabric-gateway as new client sdk can manage blockchain network?

xiaohui_1123@126.com <xiaohui_1123@...>

Hi, all! 
I'm a blockchain developer with Hyperledger Fabric, I suggest fabric-gateway as new client sdk should provide API to manage blockchain network. As I know, fabric-gateway currently is used mainly to submit transactions and query ledger state. It's not easy to BaaS platform for blockchain developer. By the way, Hyperledger Fabric v2.2 is widely used, is there a plan to make fabric-gateway compatible with it?

Mark Lewis

The Fabric Gateway client API relies on the Gateway service embedded within the peer in Fabric v2.4+, so I don't expect it ever to support older Fabric versions.

The focus is to support the development of business applications, so transaction evaluate and submit, and eventing. It isn't intended to be an admin API. However, since at least some of the admin operations (such as chaincode deployment) are carried out using smart contract transactions, it would be quite possible to build an admin API that makes use of fabric-gateway to do those transaction invocations, similar to how it has been done using the legacy Node SDK here:


I don't expect this capability to be included in fabric-gateway itself.