Go protocol buffers API usage in Fabric Gateway client API

Mark Lewis

Hi Fabric community,

A short notice and request for feedback on the Fabric Gateway client API for Fabric v2.4 and later.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, we will publish a v1.1 release of fabric-gateway including support for block eventing and checkpointing to aid resume of eventing sessions, either after transient connection failures or on subsequent application runs. There is an outline milestone plan here, although not everything in that list will necessarily make the release.

Now for the feedback... One of the changes is to adopt the current Go protocol buffers API, since the API version used in fabric-protos-go was superseded over two years ago and is now deprecated. There are no wire-level changes; this is purely a dependency update within the Fabric Gateway client API code. Are you happy for the Fabric protobuf bindings built using this non-deprecated API to be published as a separate module (similar to how fabric-protos-go is published today), or would you prefer these bindings to be included directly in the fabric-gateway module?